Gaming Resources

Game Design:

This Wikipedia article about game design discusses the basic elements of game design in a practical way. The report subdivides its categories into easy to digest sections. It examines the history of games from the old standard to newer generational counterparts. It also breaks down common design elements needed in all game types. There are many “traditional” game types covered in the article, and they are all covered along with well known and relatable examples such as monopoly for board games and their brief success stories. Finally, the article provides some of the basic language involved in the development aspect of game design.Don’t Send That Game Design!:
This article talks about the dangers and red tape in getting your game design seen by the “right people.” Along with its cautionary tale, it advises some steps a person can take if they want their work seen. It breaks it down into two alternatives, in the first you work your way up the ranks in a design company and use leverage to get your ideas heard. The other nonconventional method involves sending in a copy of your work in a well produced but vaguely marked package addressed to those in charge to get your work considered.
This website delves into real life examples of the game industry life and work covering significant developments from artists to companies. It contains a section about jobs in the market as well as an up to date ticker containing dates of important developer conferences and press releases. It offers a wealth of resources divided into relevant genre and media types such as PC, mobile gaming, and VR platforms so it can be used as a resource by an aspiring designer or anyone wanting to go into the industry or those just wanting more information.

Game Jobs:
This website connects industry professionals with people seeking jobs in the game industry. It has an area to apply and look for jobs positions that are open and is used by recruiters to seek enthusiastic and creative people for their teams. It also offers a plethora of resources from everything from basic game development facts to educational and trade associations as well as resume building for use by anyone to help further their skills and make themselves more attractive to potential employers. The site is used by developers such as Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and others for hiring personnel.

Game Industry Map:
This website is true to its name as it is a map tracking video game openings and company developments. It is free to use and relies on its user base to create and monitor the most up to date information. The network is predominantly volunteer based and has the benefit of working in real time with accurate reporting of addresses utilizing insider knowledge. It contains a straightforward search bar option to find local and long distant places of business in the industry. It is constantly updated and matched to the database to ensure accuracy.

Help Wanted at Game This website contains a classifieds network designed to educate and provide job offering available for consideration by potential employers to people who want to get involved in the video game industry. It hosts a variety of categories from programming to marketing and covers not just full time but part time options. Each classified must be approved, so it has a high potential of being serious offers. There is also a forum for beginners where the community helps to educate each other and offer advice to make sure that people understand the networks they could be going into.

Gaming Community:
This website offers a wide variety of general resources and forums for video gaming in general. Along with the resources and inspiration provided by this site, it is also well formatted and touches upon the community aspect of gaming. It has a mixture of everything from game reviews user data and blogs that touch all aspects of the industry and invested fans in general. Along with modern gaming devices, it covers a variety of older systems archived for reading by anyone who would desire it. This site blends the culture of the gaming world with easy to navigate information.